Project Info:

Poll social network

Faskera gives you the simplest and fastest way to create beautiful polls about millions of your concerns by texts, photos, gifs, emotional icons, videos and other materials. More than polls, Faskera brings you a new and unique experience of social networking. Join Faskera to:

  • Write the most creative polls ever to ask for answers, make fun, connect friends and make whatever you want;
  • Know what others think about your concerns;
  • Help friends and relatives make their decision;
  • Be highly ranked for attracting numerous votes.
  • Created by: Faskera
  • Completed on: 31th Jun 2017
  • Tech: Java / Spring / Mongo / Redis / oAuth / Micro-service / Kafka / HAProxy / Angular / Bootstrap
  • Frontend: Web / iOS / Android
  • Client: Faskera Inc.

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